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Enhance your Natural Language Processing and machine learning solutions with our top-grade training data

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is rapidly evolving due to an increased interest in human-to-machine communications. NLP makes it possible for computers to read text, understand speech, interpret it, summarize it and measure sentiment. NLP is the driving force behind many AI solutions, but it requires a lot of adeptly handled, labeled and organized training data. The more data you use to train your model, the better it gets.

At Appen, we're proud of our strong linguistic background. We have global crowd who work in over 170 countries and have expertise in over 235 languages. We've helped countless companies across industries like retail/e-commerce, finance, insurance, medical, transportation and more achieve their NLP project goals.

We provide the training data to help build intelligent systems capable of understanding and extracting meaning from human text and speech for a diverse range of use cases, such as chatbots, voice assistants, search relevance, sentiment analysis and more.

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End-to-End Data Collection:


Text Collection

To build world class language-based machine learning applications interpreting textual data from a variety of sources, we offer multilingual Text Data Collection Services in all major languages and dialects. With our Text Utterance Collection services, gather large volumes of high-quality, customized text utterances for training chatbots and other conversational AI models. Use our Text Generation services to generate scenario-based responses or conversations amongst native speakers with optional subsequent Semantic Annotation to create a text corpus for chatbot training or Natural Language Processing.


Speech and Audio Collection

Gather large volumes of high-quality, customized speech and audio data for training voice-prompted virtual assistants, voice activated search functions, transcription services, voice-to-text capabilities and more.​​ We provide data collection as a standalone service as well as part of a multi-component deliverable such as an ASR speech database that typically includes audio data, transcription, pronunciation lexicons, and language-specific documents.

Off-the-Shelf Datasets

You can also browse through our collection of diverse off-the-shelf datasets, over 250 datasets, comprising over 11,000 hours of audio, over 25,000 images and over 8.7 million words across 80 languages and multiple dialects including:

  • Fully transcribed datasets for broadcast, call center, in-car, and telephony applications
  • Pronunciation lexicons, both general and domain specific (e.g., names, places, natural numbers)
  • POS-tagged lexicons and thesauri
  • Text corpora annotated for morphological information and named entities

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Annotation Capabilities

With a large range of data annotation capabilities built to serve many different industries, we are well-placed to serve a variety of project types.

Many of our annotation capabilities have Smart Labeling features which use machine learning assistance in the data annotation process to automate and improve productivity, quality, and delivery of your data collection and data annotation projects.


Text Annotation (NER, POS)

Expand on your NLP labeling by connecting named entities or parts of speech within relationships.

Text Classification (Sentiment, Intent, Content)

Increase chances of having a meaningful conversation by understanding intents behind customer queries and get insights from customer interactions.

Entity Extraction

Highlight and categorize relevant entities and train your model to derive key information from big volumes of text to improve the cognitive ability of your model.

Search Result Evaluation

Rank search results and improve user experience by using this data to train models to return the most relevant search results for the customer's query.

Text Evaluation and Post-Editing

Evaluate the naturalness and relevance of the text generated by NLP models, such as machine translation models and other sequence models with the help of our multi-lingual specialists.


Audio Annotation

Segment audio into layers, speakers and timestamps for your Audio Speech Recognition and other audio models. 

Audio Transcription

Transcribe spoken audio into text or validate machine-generated transcriptions. Leverage built-in NLP models to improve transcription quality and efficiency.

Audio Classification

Use sound categorization or Utterance classification to classify audio based on language, dialect, semantics, and other features.

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Delivering Confidence for your AI Projects

Our ADAP platform and skilled project management capabilities use multiple quality control methods and mechanisms to meet and exceed quality standards for training data.
Our platform and services are purpose- built to handle large scale data collection and annotation projects, on demand. Our platform's built-in MLA optimizes throughput and with deep expertise,  planning,  and recruiting to meet a variety of use cases, we can quickly ramp up new projects in new markets.
With a crowd of over one million skilled contributors operating in 170+ countries and 235+ languages and dialects, we can confidently collect, and label the high volumes of images, text, speech, audio and video data needed to build and improve AI systems.
We provide multiple secure platform and service offerings, secure, remote and on-site contributors, on-premises solutions, secure data access offerings and ISO 27001/ ISO 9001 accredited secure facilities.



Build an AI product that aims to replicate and extend human communication and reasoning (and delight users) by including linguists in the design, development and tuning of AI for human interaction. As experts in natural communication, language behaviours and structures, linguists can help you to understand why users are behaving in this way – and what to do about it.

At each stage of development, our linguists and language experts will partner with you to evaluate sample outputs and support targeted tuning of AI engines, training data and specifications. Our goal is a highly effective and efficient end-to-end product development partnership that will get you the results you want quickly and cost-effectively. Our services include:

  • Language Technology QA & Usability Testing
  • Dictionaries and Text Corpora
  • Localization Consulting
  • Linguistic Consulting

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Secure Data Access

Data security requirements are met for customers working with personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and other sophisticated compliance needs.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data


Secure Crowd

We offer a suite of secure service offerings with flexible options to ensure data security via secure facilities, secure remote workers, and onsite services to meet specific business­ needs.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data


Secure Facilities

We have sites in multiple geographies to support projects with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data, as well as the right people, policies, and processes in place for a range of security levels, up to government level certification.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data


Secure Workspace

With our ISO 27001 accredited remote Secure Workspace solution, our global crowd can work on your sensitive projects remotely, without having to access a physical secure facility. This allows the diversity of our remote crowd to reduce bias and support multiple languages even through global disruptions.

Enterprise-level security to protect sensitive client data